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Turkey Broth

Turkey Broth

Pastured Turkey

Frozen Turkey Broth in 1 Quart containers made from our pastured turkeys (soy, grain and GMO-free).

Our Turkey Broth is made from Turkey backs, necks, feet and other bones.

Our Turkey Broth is highly nutritious and delicious!  Bone broth is rich in minerals and collagen which are so important to our health.

We simmer our bones in water with organic vegetables and some vinegar which helps to break down the bones in order to release as much nutrition as possible.  

Use Bone Broth in your favorite homemade soups, stews and casseroles or boil it with rice or beans to give them extra flavor and nutrition.  

You can also drink Bone Broth regularly as a way to get your daily dose of minerals and collagen. Simply heat about 8 ounces in a pan on the stove and enjoy in a mug as you would tea or coffee. Add natural sea salt, pepper, turmeric or other spices for extra health benefits.

Benefits of drinking bone broth:

  • Boosts collagen.
  • Supports healthy digestion.
  • Helps maintain the immune system.
  • Improves joint pain and stiffness.
  • Supports healthy sleep


Water, turkey bones, organic carrots, organic celery, organic onions, organic parsley, vinegar (no salt)