Buffalo Valley Pastures

An idea doesn't always come from a single moment in time - it can be a series of scattered experiences until one day they all come together! That's exactly the case for how Buffalo Valley Pastures started.

Food is supposed to be a wonderful part of our lives. In the rush and hurry of the world, it took a backseat for many families. Fast foods and convenient quick meals became the staple for many homes in America. My childhood was no different and my stomach suffered the consequences for years until my pursuit began for the perfect diet - no more stomach aches!

I moved out into the Amish country of Lancaster and York counties and was exposed to many food stands with home-baked goods and fresh produce. These all helped but there were still issues. As time moved on, I ran into "chemical-free" produce and "grass-fed beef". When I started talking with the farmers, I realized the food I bought in the store was basically engineered and manufactured to taste good! Many of the farmers who were raising their beef on grass had suffered similar stomach issues growing up - exposed to the many chemicals of the produce, dairy, and meats. Buying organically grown produce and organically raised cows/bulls (dairy and beef!) had an immediate impact on my stomach that transformed me forever!

Eating raw organic dairy products was an amazing transformation for me. It provided much more energy and my days weren't spent in pain from stomach aches! In fact, the raw yogurt, kefir, and milk actually helps sooth a stomach ache if I make the mistake of eating something I shouldn't have!

Buffalo Valley Pastures was started when we discovered the amazing health benefits of the Water Buffalo raw dairy! We continue to grow in learning about great and healthy foods and we now want to pass that directly on to you! We look forward to doing business with you! God bless you!