Fresh Chicken and Beef Available! Pasture Raised, No GMOS, No Soy or Grain! No Vaccines! Chemical-Free!

What Separates Us From Other Farms?

Our herd of exotic Water Buffalo! 

Water Buffalo (not to be confused with American Bison) is commonly associated with Indian and Asian cultures as well as Italian. Buffalo have been used as farming animals in these cultures as well as used for their amazing milk and meat. Water Buffalo milk has a smooth taste similar to cow’s milk, but those who grew up drinking buffalo milk will be able to taste the difference! Water Buffalo milk is extremely nutritious. It is high in good fats and vitamins and contains slightly lower levels of lactose than cow’s milk often making it easier to digest.

Check out our selection of meats, organs, cheese, milk and other dairy products.

We sell and produce most of our own product.

Some farm websites sell product for a collection of farms. It can be hard to know each farmer's protocols and farming practices.

Almost all of our products from ancient grains to cottage cheese are from our own fields and herds and produced on our premises.

This way we can serve our customers with complete transparency about how our food is processed from start to finish!

We even grow our own alfalfa for our herds in the winter.

It's not just A2/A2.

More and more farms are beginning to produce A2/A2 milk like us. However, there are still a few things that makes our milk different from most.

An animal's diet is extremely important because it can effect the consumer. Our cows eat chemical-free pasture grass all year round. This means that they are grain-free, soy-free and GMO-free.

Our milk is also raw which makes it much easier on sensitive stomachs, and it retains its nutritional value.

We also raise happy cows! The health of the animal greatly effects how and what they produce. Our animals are raised on pasture, get sun exposure and fresh air.