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Pastured Pork

Raised Humanely on Pasture

Many people are familiar with pastured beef and pastured chicken, but many people forget about pastured pork!

Our pigs roam freely on pasture where they get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, exercise

and the opportunity to eat what they naturally enjoy like acorns, leaves, grass, roots, grubs.

This lifestyle adds a lot of nutritional value to our pork. Pork contains beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin D and E, selenium and omega-3’s.

Pastured pigs have twice the amount of Vitamin E and three times the about of Vitamin D compared to conventionally raised pigs.

We do not vaccinate our pigs or give them hormones. They are treated humanely, which is in big

contrast to what is traditionally found in supermarkets today. Living conditions for pigs on factory farms

are often overcrowded and dirty leading to unhealthy pigs that require pharmaceuticals. They are also

quickly fattened up with soy and a stagnate lifestyle.

Our pigs live in humane conditions. They are fed a natural soy-free diet supplemented with organic, non-gmo corn feed.

They are never fed grain. The pasture that they eat from is never sprayed with chemicals. 

We believe in raising animals the natural way that God intended. Order pastured pork from our farm today and eat with confidence!

*Breeds of pig: Berkshire, Tamworth, Idaho Pasture

What we offer: sausages, patties, roasts, organs, steaks, bones, ground meat, bacon, ribs, chops and more


  • 100% A2/A2

    Our cows are genetically tested for A2/A2 proteins.

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  • 100% Grass-fed

    Our beef, buffalo and dairy animals are 100% grass-fed. They are never fed grain. Dairy animals are given minerals and molasses in the winter as a supplement.

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  • Artificial Hormone Free and Steroid Free

    Animals already have hormones naturally. We do not administer hormones or steroids.
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  • Beyond Organic

    Grown and processed beyond the standards of federal guidelines addressing among many factors, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control and use of additives.

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  • Chemical Free

    Our farm does not use synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or additives in our farming practices. We do not feed our animals grass or feed that has been sprayed.

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  • Dairy Free

    Contains no dairy ingredients.

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  • Grain Free

    Our animals a never fed grain.

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  • Humanely Raised

    We believe that happy animals are the healthiest. We provide our animals with a nutritious diet and clean living conditions. They are out on pasture whenever possible. They get plenty of fresh air and space to move around and receive medical treatment when needed.

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  • Nitrate Free

    Our food is not processed with nitrates.

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  • Non-GMO

    We do not use ingredients made from GMOs.

    We do not feed our animals anything derived from GMOs.

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  • Non-Homogenized

    We do not homogenize our milk. Homogenizing is the process in which fat molecules in the milk are made smaller. This process results in the cream not separating form the rest of the milk. The cream in our milk does separate and rises to the top, so shake well!

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  • Pasture Raised

    Whenever possible and as the seasons allow, our animals are raised on pasture and eat as they wish.

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  • Raw

    Our food is never heated to the point of pasteurization.

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  • Salt Free

    No salt added.

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  • Soy Free

    Our animals are never fed soy. Everything we make and sell from our farm is made with soy-free ingredients.

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  • Sugar Free

    No added sweeteners but may contain natural sugars.

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  • Supplemented with Non-GMO Corn Feed

    While our animals are pastured and truly free-range, some of our animals are given supplemental food like local, certified organic corn feed to complete their diet. The following animals receive the following supplements: Chickens (Layers): non-gmo certified organic corn feed Ducks (Layers): non-gmo certified organic corn feed Chickens (Roasters): non-gmo certified organic corn feed Pork: non-gmo certified organic corn feed and our left over skim milk when available.

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  • Vegetarian

    Contains no meat or meat products.

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