Fresh Chicken and Beef Available! Pasture Raised, No GMOS, No Soy or Grain! No Vaccines! Chemical-Free!

From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pick your order up at the farm!

How Farm Pick Up Works

Can you pick your order up at the farm? Yes! Do we have a farm store? Not exactly…

We are happy to offer farm pick-up for those who are willing to make the drive! It's a great way to save money on shipping, especially when it comes to large orders.

It's also a great way for us to get to know our customers!

Before you come to the farm, there are a few things you need to know to ensure that you have the best experience possible...

  1. We do not have a traditional store with set hours and employees waiting to assist customers or a way to accept credit card payments. 
  2. We have a display room that we do business out of that contains non-perishable items and a small refrigerated display case of cheeses ready for purchase. We do not have any other dairy items readily available in the display room. We may have odds and ends for sale in the milk room by chance. We have frozen meat items on hand in our employee only freezers. All purchases require assistance. We do not have a self-serve option. 
  3. We are a small working farm, so we do not have regular store hours.  If you choose to drop by without an appointment, there is a chance that no one will be around to help you.
  4. We strongly recommend that you make an appointment ahead by time by placing an order on our website. Leave your preferred pick up day and time in the comment section at check out otherwise, your order is automatically set for pick up on Wednesday (more information about that can be found down below under Pick Up Process). By placing an order online, we can make sure that we have your items in stock and your order is ready to go. Your time is valuable and we don’t’ want to waste it!

How to Place Your Order for Farm Pick Up

1.   Create an account if you haven’t already done so.

2.   Set your delivery method to Buffalo Valley Pastures by clicking on [CHANGE] next to your current delivery method. This is located toward the top of every page. Enter your zip code and select Buffalo Valley Pastures from the list that appears.

3.   Now shop our site and fill your cart with our amazing food!

4.   When you are finished shopping, complete the check-out process. Put the day and time you would like to pick up in the comment section. 

*All orders are automatically assigned for Wednesday pick up.  The comment section will help us know that you want a different day. The earliest we can do is Wednesday.  No Sunday pick ups.  Please let us know what time you intend to arrive at the farm. Between 7 am and 3 pm is preferred, but we can accommodate any time no later than 8 pm. 

5.   You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you were successful in placing your order.  

Deadlines for orders are Monday at 7 am.

The Pick-Up Process

Pull into the farm parking lot.  If you gave us a time and day in the comment section, a worker should be looking out for you.  If no one comes in a few minutes, honk your horn to alert someone that you are there.  It is a small working farm, so workers may be in the field away from the office area.  

Note: Bring a cooler and or insulated bags for your ride home to keep your food fresh. Insulated boxes and ice will be an extra charge to you if we have them. 

We take back glass jars, egg cartons and our shipping boxes and insulation if in good condition. We love to reduce and reuse!

We Look Forward To Seeing You At The Farm!