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Goat Chevre Garlic & Chives, Unsalted, 8 oz. (Plastic)

Goat Chevre Garlic & Chives, Unsalted, 8 oz. (Plastic)

A2 Goat Raw Dairy- For Cats and Dogs

Satisfying Goat Cheese!

 These goats forage on pasture throughout the year.  When not eating on pasture, they are eating a home-made feed of barley, oats, canola meal, alfalfa, speltz, flaxseed, and minerals.  This feed is free from GMOs, corn, soy and chemicals.

Our raw dairy products are for cats and dogs!

~Do your own research about what food is appropriate for you and your pets.


More about our raw pet food

Keeping our standards high for your pets.

Everything in this Goat Cheese process is done to human consumption standards. We follow the same standards and guidelines to prepare our pet food the same way we prepare food for ourselves!

We are a Grade A milk facility!

Lasts two weeks in refrigerator.