Fresh Chicken and Beef Available! Pasture Raised, No GMOS, No Soy or Grain! No Vaccines! Chemical-Free!
Country Sausage Patties

Country Sausage Patties

Pastured Pork

Sausage Patties from our Pastured Pigs - known for their free-range lifestyle and better diets!

Pan fry these delicious and mild pork sausage patties for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Put them on a bun for a sausage egg and cheese sandwich or enjoy as is!

It's an excellent way to get some quick, hot and tasty protein!

Our Pork Country Sausage Patties have basic ingredients and contain no harmful preservatives, fillers, additive or nitrates.

Our pigs are raised humanely on pastures with plenty of fresh air and sunlight.  They eat a natural diet where the forage for good.  They are also given a supplemental feed of organic, non GMO corn and left over skim milk from our farm.

Our pigs are soy and grain-free.  They are never given antibiotics, vaccines or artificial hormones.


pork, water, Celtic sea salt, black pepper