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A2 Raw Milk, 1 Qt. (Glass)

A2 Raw Milk, 1 Qt. (Glass)

A2 Cow Raw Dairy- For Cats and Dogs

Milk doesn't get fresher or simpler!

Fresh A2/A2 raw milk from our grass-fed cows.

You can't find milk like this in supermarkets.

Our cows are all tested for A2/A2 and are grass-fed only to provide you with delectable, creamy milk - cream on the top! Never pasteurized and never homogenized!

This milk is nicer to sensitive bellies.

No nonsense, no fuss, just milk.

~Do your own research about what food is appropriate for you and your pets.


More about our raw pet food

Keeping our standards high for your pets.

Everything in this Raw Milk process is done to human consumption standards. We follow the same standards and guidelines to prepare our pet food the same way we prepare food for ourselves!

Lasts two weeks in refrigerator.


Our A2/A2 Cow Dairy

Friends, you won't find milk fresher than this!

Our cows are milked daily which gives you access to the freshest, creamiest milk possible!

All of our cows are A2/A2, which refers to the proteins found in the milk. This is proven by genetic testing. Milk with this protein profile is often easier to digest.

Our cow milk is raw and never processed in any way. It is not pasteurized or homogenized. The cream will go straight to the top!

Our happy dairy cows are raised on pasture and eat pasture grass. The pasture grass is never sprayed with synthetic substances and is non-GMO. In the colder months when pasture grass is not available, cows eat our own-grown chemical-free alfalfa and hay. They are supplemented with minerals and all-natural molasses during the winter month.

Our cows are never given grain.

Our cows are free from hormones, antibiotics and vaccines. Animals receive traditional Amish homeopathic treatments.