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A2 Ghee, 1 pt. (Glass)

A2 Ghee, 1 pt. (Glass)

A2 Cow Raw Dairy

Ghee (Clarified Butter) made from our A2 Cow cream! Ghee is highly-clarified butter, butter that has been heated (190 degrees) to separate and remove the milk solids. We remove the solids by hand! Ghee has a much longer shelf-life and higher smoking point than traditional butter and is excellent for high temperature cooking! It's also great on your favorite toasted bread with a little salt!

Our cows are all tested for A2/A2 and are grass-fed only to provide you with delectable, creamy milk - cream on the top! Never pasteurized and never homogenized!

The cows at Buffalo Valley Pastures are exclusively grass-fed. They are fed a mix of hay and alfalfa in the winter. Our Guernsey cows are sure to offer you a milk that is high in fat, delicious and creamy! 


Pasteurized cow's butter