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What carrier do you use?

When will I receive my shipped order?
Order deadlines are Mondays at 7:00 am for Home Delivery via UPS.  If you are in the one or two-day shipping zones, you will receive your order on Wednesday or Thursday (if UPS isn’t delayed).  If you are in a 3-day zone, Friday is your expected day (if UPS is not delayed).                                      There are times when we are short on milk or items did not have enough time to be made since we make everything to order (cream cheese, yogurt, kefir, cookies etc.).  When this happens, we may delay the shipment of the package in order to include all of the items.  If you need your package to arrive on time, due to travel or a planned event, please let us know in the comment section at Check Out so that we can do our best to accommodate you!

Can I get a tracking number?
Yes.  You can get tracking information for your package by signing up for UPS MyChoice.  It is free!  You will receive step by step notifications as well as notifications of delivery.  *When you sign up, be sure to use the same email address that you used for BVP.

Can I give special delivery instructions?
Yes.  Through a free service called UPS MyChoice, you can give special delivery instructions to the driver.  Ask them to put it in your garage, shed, side door or cooler outside to put your mind at ease.  It is great if you are concerned about you package sitting in hot sun or inclement weather.  Its also provides piece of mind if you live in an apartment building or in a neighborhood where theft is an issue.  You can even reroute your package.  We do not typically recommend rerouting a package in case delays cause the package to spoil.  This may be useful with enough notice and if it is going to another address close by.  Go to the UPS website and sign up for free!  *When you sign up, be sure to use the same email address that you used for BVP.

How is shipping calculated?
Shipping includes the cost of the UPS service and packing materials (ice, insulation and the box).  UPS calculates their cost by the size and weight of the box and how far it is going.  Email us if you would like a shipping quote. If a package is over 50 pounds, UPS will automatically add a 30.00 overweight fee. Example: 4 half gallons of milk in glass and 4 quarts of cottage cheese in glass with ice is 57 pounds.  Example 9 Quarts of milk in glass with ice is 45 pounds.                                                                                                                                           

Why doesn’t my shipping cost change when I fill my cart?  

The website will not automatically update shipping based on what you put in your cart.  Shipping will be adjusted after the box weight is finalized the day before shipping.

How do you package your orders?
-UPS: Cardboard box, insulation and ice blankets, bubble wrap and foam cushioning.  Ice is adjusting according to climate and shipping duration.
-Drop Locations and Home Delivery:  Cardboard box: orders are placed in a plastic bag with loose ice.  Enough ice to keep the order cool for a few hours. 

Do you ship to the western half of the U.S.?
We are willing to ship out west, but it is not very cost effective.  UPS charges a lot for 3 Day Select and 2nd Day Air.  Ask us for a quote if interested. We reserve the right to not refund shipping if shipping is not successful (delayed or broken packages). UPS does not reimburse companies for perishable items. 

Do you have a store where I can shop?
No, we do not have a store, but you may pick up pre-ordered items from our farm by using our website.  If you stop by the farm without an appointment, there is no guarantee that someone will be there to help you or that we will have the items that you are looking for.

When can I pick my order up at the farm?  Can I request a different day?
Yes.  When you place your order online, make sure Buffalo Valley Pastures is selected as your delivery preference.  You will automatically be assigned to pick up on Wednesday.  Let us know in the comment section the time you would like to come. We prefer between 7 am and 3 pm.

If you would like to come another day, let us know in the comment section.  Saturday is our other preferred pick up day, but we can be flexible.  Our preferred times for pick up is always between 7 am and 3 pm.  If you would like a different time and different day, put it in the comment section at check out or email us at


Do you treat your meat with citric acid?
No, we do not treat our meat with citric acid.  We have been approved by the FDA to use a water and vinegar spray.

Is your meat fresh or frozen?
All of our meat is flash frozen and vacuum sealed at the time of butchering with very few exceptions such as bone marrow.  The vacuum seal keeps in freshness and flavor for 2 to 3 years.  Note, vacuum seals may loosen over time if pulled or punctured.  Eat within a month or so if this occurs.  

What are your breeds of meat cattle?
Angus, Devon, Hereford, Water Buffalo

What is your ground beef to fat ratio?

Are your animals raised on pasture?

Yes, Our farmer uses a technique call ‘mob grazing.’

What breeds of pig to you raise?
Berkshire, Tamworth, Idaho Pasture

Do you use vaccines of any kind including mRNA?

Do you feed your animals soy or grain?

No. We do not feed any of our animals soy or grain.

Can I purchase a whole or half animal from you?
Yes.  You can purchase a whole butchered animal from BVP.  Send us an email for details.


Is your Flour All Purpose?
No, our flour is not all purpose.  It is whole grain meaning it contains the bran, endosperm and the germ.  All of our different types of flour can be used to make plenty of delicious baked goods.  It can even be used for sourdough bread starter. 

What is a heritage or ancient grain?

It is a type of wheat that has not been genetically modified.  Ancient and heritage grains can be traced back to biblical times and are claimed to be untouched.  This is much like heirloom tomatoes and other kinds of produce.  

Are your grains easy to digest?

Yes.  All of the grains that we selected have digestion in mind.   


Are all of your dairy products 100% A2/A2?
Yes!  All of our products from sour cream and cream cheese to yogurt and cream are all made with 100% A2/A2 cow milk and Water Buffalo milk, which is naturally always A2/A2. A2/A2 dairy is easier to digest.

How should I store raw dairy?
We recommend keeping dairy in the fridge around 38 degrees Fahrenheit.  Never leave your dairy out on the counter for periods of time especially if your home is warm.  Raw dairy is sensitive to temperature change which can cause your fresh milk to turn sour.  Don’t worry! It’s still good to use.  It has even more beneficial bacteria.  Look up how to use it in cooking and baking!

How fresh is your milk and dairy products?
Our milk is always as fresh as possible!  Milk and cream are bottled the day of shipment or delivery. Other items that need to be processed such as yogurt and kefir are made to order, to ensure the longest shelf life possible.  We only give our customers fresh product.

When does your milk or dairy go bad?
Our milk and dairy do not go rancid like store milk.  Since our milk is raw, it sours.  It is still safe for consumption or cooking or baking.  It is a matter of taste preference.  Dairy products tend to sour at about two weeks as long as dairy is kept properly.

What is the fermentation time for yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir?
About 24 hours.

What do your dairy cows eat?
During the spring, summer and fall, our dairy cows eat our own chemical-free prairie grass, free choice minerals and all-natural molasses derived from cane sugar.  During the winter months, they are given minerals regularly along with our own chemical-free alfalfa.


Can I return glass jars, egg cartons, insulation or boxes?
Yes!  We will take back the following items: our jars, milk jugs, cardboard boxes and insulation (in good condition) and egg cartons.  They must be dropped off at the farm.  We will not pay for customers to ship them back to us.

Do you test your milk?
Yes, we test for bacteria, pathogens and cell count once a month.

Is your farm USDA certified organic?
No.  We refuse to sign up and pay for the certification from the government because they allow many loopholes and exceptions that we do not allow on our own farm.  We consider our farm to be ‘Beyond Organic.’  All of our animals are fed and raised naturally and organically.  All of the ingredients that we get from outside sources are either USDA Organic or ‘Beyond Organic.’

Do you have a raw milk permit?

No.  We had a raw milk permit for many years and recently traded it in for a pet food license.  (You cannot have both licenses). The reason is because raw dairy products made with legal raw milk is not legal to sell!  Butter, cream, yogurt and kefir made with legal raw milk is not approved for human consumption according to the FDA.  All of our dairy is marketed for and made for Cats and Dogs.  Our facility is a Grade A milk facility and all of our products are made to human consumption standards.  When you purchase our raw dairy products, it is up to you to decide how you want to use it.  Please do your own research about what is healthy for your pets.   

How do you sanitize your machines, equipment, jars and udders?

We sanitize according to the FDA and PDA standards of cleaning equipment and cows.  We use all natural soaps and no harsh chemicals.