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Featured Items Part I

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February 28, 2022

Here at Buffalo Valley Pastures, we provide a lot of your basic dairy needs: butter, milk, cream, hard cheese, yogurt. You may not know that we also make a handful of specialty items with our A2 milk and eggs.  In this post, we will give you general information about each one, like what’s the shelf life, what are the ingredients, ways to keep them fresh and all the different ways you can use them!

Mayonnaise: My husband loves mayonnaise, but could never eat the kind from the store because of the soy/canola/vegetable oils used to make mayo. We believe (and we dare you to taste and see!) that BVP’s mayonnaise has a better taste than Hellman’s!

What’s in it?  Our mayonnaise is made with our pastured chicken eggs and organic sunflower oil. The chickens are free from antibiotics and are soy free/grain free.  The organic sunflower oil can be a great substitute for the oils that are derived from heavily sprayed crops like soybeans, corn and rapeseed (canola oil, don’t get me started on that lie!) and are known to cause inflammation (yuck!).

How to use it: Use it on you favorite sandwich! But there’s so much more! Use it as a base for dips and dressings! For my chipotle mayo sauce, I add onion powder, turmeric, paprika, mustard powder, chipotle powder and cayenne and a little salt. Another thing I make is Asian Rice Fritters! When I have left over rice, I add mayo and shredded carrots, onions, spices and some flour. I fry them up in little patties on the stove to make Asian rice fritters! Grilled cheese! Instead of butter, my Mom always used mayo to prep the bread instead! It adds a tasty zing to your classic sandwich. We use mayo as the secret ingredient to make the most amazing home fries! Yum! I’m getting hungry…

Shelf Life: We have left an unopened jar of BVP mayo in our fringe for 6 months, and it was fresh as can be! We have had open jars of mayo for at least 3 months that have never spoiled. It could have possibly lasted even longer! We supply our mayo in smaller 16oz jars to prevent wasting this golden ingredient!

Check out Featured Items Part II and Part III for the continued list!

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