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All About Dairy Kefir

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March 14, 2022

Introducing Dairy Kefir!

Dairy kefir is one of our highly nutritious products made right here, at Buffalo Valley Pastures! It has become a highly sought-after product in the health food community. Kefir is high in nutrients and probiotics. It also promotes digestion and gut health.


It’s a quick and easy snack and way to take the edge off of hunger! It’s great for anytime of day! I drink it in the morning, afternoon and evening!

What is Kefir? It’s a fermented and cultured drink made with milk. Dairy kefir is made by adding kefir grains (a starter culture) to milk. These grains contain yeast and lactic bacteria. In a little over 24 hours, the microorganisms in the kefir grains multiply and ferment the sugars in the milk, and it turns into kefir. The grains can be removed and used again

Kefir originally came from parts of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. The name comes from the Turkish word ‘keyif’ which means ‘feeling good’ after eating.

Kefir is similar to yogurt. It is thinner like a drinkable yogurt, but not as smooth. Kefir has a bit more of a tart or sour taste than yogurt. Keeping kefir in the fridge for extended periods of time can be tricky. The longer kefir ferments or sits in the container without being opened, the fizzier it gets due to carbon dioxide!  Be careful! Kefir can pressurize and eventually explode. It will make a mess of your fridge or kitchen. To avoid this, drink it within the first 4 or 5 days. If not, release the pressure by opening the lid every 1 to 2 days, and you can keep it as long as you want! Kefir has a long shelf life because it is fermented.  Keep it in the fridge and remember to ‘burp’ it!

Kefir is a good source of protein and calcium just like milk, but kefir is also high in probiotics/ good bacteria. These probiotics can help restore gut health and improve digestions as well as reduce symptoms of IBS. It can also reduce inflammation. 

Kefir Stories!!!!!

Kefir increases in nutrition and probiotics the longer it sits. My mom intentionally ages it for a couple weeks to get the fizz and the more intense flavor!

What kefir has personally done for me… About a year ago I was struggling with adult acne from time to time. Some days it would feel itchy, sore and inflamed. I noticed that when I drank strawberry kefir from Buffalo Valley Pastures, I would feel the blemishes dry up within minutes. It could be in my head, but I don’t think so!

What kefir does for my husband… If my husband does not eat clean, he can suffer severe symptoms of IBS. When we know we are going out to eat, my husband will ‘prime’ his stomach to reduce IBS symptoms. He will also drink it after dinner. Kefir really seems to help his digestion and reduce the inflammation in his gut. He has avoided many nights of suffering by drinking kefir from Buffalo Valley Pastures.   

Buffalo Valley Pastures makes a plain, original kefir and a delicious strawberry kefir. Kefir also comes in cow dairy as well as water buffalo. Get your pint or quart of A2 kefir today!   

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