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A2 Raw Choc. Milk, 1 Gal. (Glass)

A2 Raw Choc. Milk, 1 Gal. (Glass)

A2 Cow Raw Dairy- For Cats and Dogs

Fresh A2/A2 raw milk from our grass-fed cows with an added touch of our homemade cocoa and maple syrup mix to make this a one-of-a-kind chocolate milk! No preservatives or processed sugars here! Using maple syrup's complex sugar makes this a much healthier snack!

Our cows are all tested for A2/A2 and are grass-fed only to provide you with delectable, creamy milk - cream on the top! Never pasteurized and never homogenized!

The cows at Buffalo Valley Pastures are exclusively grassfed. They get a mix of hay and alfalfa in the winter. Our mix of Guernsey and Jersey cows are sure to offer you a milk that is high in fat, delicious and creamy! 

More about our raw pet food

Keeping our standards high for your pets.

Everything in this Raw Milk process is done to human consumption standards. We follow the same standards and guidelines to prepare our pet food the same way we prepare food for ourselves!  We are a Grade A milk facility!


Our 100% grass-fed A2/A2 cow milk, our organic chocolate syrup (available for purchase) chocolate syrup (maple syrup, cacao powder, vanilla)